B.Shaheer & Co. Support business in the following field:


Chamber of Commerce Registration. Sole Proprietorship Registration. Partnership Registration .Firm Registration Company Registration. WeBOC Registration.


Prepare Cash, Bank and Journal Vouchers. Prepare Payroll and Overtime Sheets. Prepare EOBI and Social Security record and submit to Department. Prepare Party and Employee Ledger computerized. Supervision of Accounts Department• Preparation and Finalization of Financial Statements.


Prepare Financial Statements for Financial Institution. Prepare Stock Reports for Bank. Prepare Documents for Rollover Bank Loan. Prepare EE and EF Statement for Bank.

 4- AUDIT:

Check and Verify Vouchers With Supporting Documents. Check and Verify Employees Loan and Party Ledger. Check and Verify Salary Sheets and Wages With Attendance Record. Introduction and Implementation of Internal Control System. Preparation Internal Audit Reports For Company Management. Check and Verify Purchases and Sales Record. Physical Stock Taking Monthly, Quarterly and Annually.


NTN Registration. Prepare Accounts For Income Tax. Prepare Annual Return of Income Tax. Prepare Annual Withholding Tax Statement. Prepare Withholding Statements Monthly and Quarterly. Prepare Wealth Statements. Prepare and File Appeal to Commissioner of Income Tax. Prepare and File Appeal to Income Tax Appellate Tribunal. Compliance of Notices. Prepare Document for Refund Application.


Sales Tax Registration. Prepare Record for Monthly Sales Tax Return and E-Filing. Prepare Record for Sales Tax Audit. Prepare Record for Sales Tax Refund.


Prepare of Memorandum and Article Association. Prepare and File Various Forms under Company Law for Registration of Company with SECP. Prepare and E-filing Annual Return to SECP. Compliance and Proceeding with SECP.




 Mission of B.Shaheer & Co. is to provide professional services

At doorstep.


Charge reasonable fee

For the benefit of small and medium enterprises.

Guide to its valuable clients.



 Philosophy of B.Shaheer & Co. is to provide

 Best professional services.

 Build good relationship.

 Earn reputation.

 Retain longtime support for business.